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Donate or 

Adopt an Animal, 

and help support conservation in

South Africa

Donate today!

How you can donate

There a number of ways you can help support Cheetah Experience and our animals:

Are you an employer?

Get your staff involved in workplace giving through Benevity!

Cheetah Experience is a non-profit organisation that does not receive government funding. We rely on the generosity of our Global Volunteer & Intern Family, current volunteers and interns, sponsors and visitors to our project, so we can continue to provide our animals with the best possible care.

All of the money donated goes towards assisting with annual vaccinations of our animals, the maintenance of their enclosures, sourcing the best possible food for our animals, covering vet bills

and purchasing enrichment items.

Your support makes it possible for Cheetah Experience to continue raising awareness of the vulnerability of South African species and other endangered species through educational experiences, as well as ethically breeding cheetahs in captivity.

To find out more about our conservation initiatives, visit our Conservation page.

Bank Details: FNB Bank

Account: ZA Cheetah Conservation - Cheque

Account #: 62288255534

Branch: 250051


All donations are tax deductable!!!*
Public Benefit Organisaton No. 930064801

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One of the most important donations for our animals is their food.

The donation of fresh game and domestic livestock is greatly appreciated and very much needed.

If you can help us, please call us on +27 72 905 3457

If you are interested in Volunteering or Visiting Us, we have a Wish List of essential items we need in the

day-to-day running of our project. The donation of any of these items will help us greatly.

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