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Cheetah Experience Veterinary Wildlife Research Centre

The Cheetah Experience Veterinary Wildlife Research Centre will be a state of the art Veterinary Centre, that will make a difference to all the animals at Cheetah Experience, as well as the surrounding wildlife farms, and will provide an after-hours emergency service to the local Vet Clinics, and supporting community projects. The Centre is located just 800m from Cheetah Experience.

The Vet Clinic will be the only after hours vet in the local area, filling a need for pet owners who are delighted that the clinic will be opening soon.

“My dogs always get sick when the vet is closed, so this is wonderful to hear,” said Henning de Bruin of nearby Liedjiesbos B&B.

Our on-site vet monitoring one of our animals
Our on-site vet monitoring one of our animals in the Cheetah Experience Vet Clinic

The Vet Clinic has been used by many Veterinary Science and Veterinary Nursing students that have come through the Cheetah Experience internship program, and is an incredible opportunity for vet students to get hands on experience caring for some amazing species of wild animals, and apply the theory they have learnt during their courses.


You will deal with a diverse range of wild animal’s day to day, and will work closely with the experienced staff in a number of roles, including helping with blood drawing and collection of DNA samples for our animals, providing aftercare for our juvenile animals, analysing test results and assisting in minor procedures of animals when necessary. Read about the experiences of one of our Vet Interns, Mariana, at our Hear from Our Volunteers page! For detailed information on our Veterinary Internships, visit our Internships page. 

When the Centre is open to the public, interns will be able to assist staff on a day to day basis, taking care of both the animals at Cheetah Experience, and the animals of the Bloemfontein community.

As well as having a surgery room with windows on three sides for student observation, we also have an x-ray room with large double doors, and our equipment will be able to be used on animals as large as lions and horses. The x-ray machine has already been used on the Cheetah Experience’s resident Siberian Tiger, Fushan!

Transporting one of our cheetahs to the Cheetah Experience Vet Clinic
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