Cheetah Experience Staff

All the animal lovers employed by a Cheetah Experience.

Riana Van Niewenhuizen

Founder & Director

Sandra Bertram

Veterinarian, Personnel Support & Animal Health Manager

Kerry Boughton

Operations Manager, Cheetah Breeding & Volunteer Bookings

Rene Maree

Business and Finance Manager, Cheetah Breeding Co-ordinator

Claire Lamond

Lion Team Coordinator & Facility Manager
(including care of lions, leopards, tiger, caracals, servals, wolves, African wildcats & many of our rescue animals)

Lize-Mari Prinsloo

Cheetah Team Coordinator

Chloe Rainbow

Meat Room Coordinator and Animal Carer

Sarah Emmett

Animal Carer, Social Media Coordinator, Vet Clinic Manager & Business Support

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