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HandHart Products

Hand-stippled Art Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich egg hand-stippled art

50% donation will go to Cheetah Experience on every ostrich egg curio purchased.

Message from the artist

As a stippling artist specialising in depicting SA wildlife on ostrich egg shells, the following little summary tries to explain the process and background:


The design you have chosen has slowly and gradually been built up into this image by making use of the stippling technique. Stippling is done by applying tiny dots closer or further apart in order to simulate the varying degrees of solidity of the image. Add to this the fact that the stippling is done through a magnifying glass; and one can appreciate the detail and realism of each design. It is for this reason that I find stippling so well suited to portraying the exquisite beauty of South Africa's wildlife.


I also love the traditional method of dipping the ink pen into a bottle of ink and applying the dots one at a time; therefore an image can take up to 10 hours to complete. You will find there is something old-fashioned and perhaps nostalgic about the idea of a piece of art that requires not only talent, skill and patience, but also that very valuable thing of our time - Time! And of course, the Magic that happens when time, the love of the subject in one's heart and the human hand comes together to manifest into a tangible creation. This magical process is encapsulated in the trade name "HandHart" as Afrikaans lends itself beautifully to the wordplay referring to hand, heart and art.


May this art work from the Eastern Cape of South Africa bring you as much joy as what has gone into creating it.



Prices vary significantly as they are based on the amount of time and detail involved. 

Price List (Subject to change depending on design specifics)

  1. Ostrich head - R600

  2. Lynx head - R800

  3. Cheetah head -  R900

  4. Sebra head - R1000

  5. Sebra in landscape - R1 200

  6. Lion head - R2 000

  7. Leopard head - R2 200

  8. Lioness and cub - R2 200

  9. Big Five - R2 500

There are many different designs available. Please contact Jeanie for more images and information.

Ostrich egg hand-stippled art

Contact Jeanie

060 861 5183

Mrs E. Goodrum

Standard Bank 

Cheque account: 24 187 43 43 

Branch: 053721 / 051001

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