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Love – one of our cheetahs loving a coconut!

Cheetah Experience is a registered Section 18(a) non-profit company.

PBO NO 930064801

To make a donation to Cheetah Experience you can use either of the following methods, both of these platforms allow you to make a once-off payment or a recurring payment. 

  1. Paypal​ (you don't need an account with Paypal to make a donation). The German non-profit in support of ZA Cheetah Conservation forwards 100% of received donations directly to the project in South Africa. 

  2. *GlobalGiving, the largest global crowdfunding community for non-profit organisations.

*In many countries, donations to non-profits are tax deductible. Tax systems vary worldwide so check with your local tax authorities regarding what is required to claim tax back.

Bank details

Bank: FNB
Account: ZA Cheetah Conservation
Cheque account no.: 62288255534
Branch code: 250051


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Use the buttons make a donation via PayPal 

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Are you an employer? Get your staff involved in workplace giving through Benevity! Empower employees to give to the causes they care about.

Our cause

The mission of Cheetah Experience is to raise awareness of the vulnerability of the cheetah and other endangered species through educational experiences and research, as well as releasing captive born cheetahs into a protected wild

What is Benevity?

Benevity offers a Corporate Purpose Solution that combines employee engagement, community investment, and customer engagement solutions into one platform, helping companies build a truly purpose-driven brand that delivers better social and business outcomes with increased impact and reduced workload.

Key features include engaging and retaining employees through various volunteering and giving programmes, streamlining the community investment process, and enabling customer engagement through donations.

​Data shows that

companies with engaged employees see 57% lower turnover and purpose-driven brands are

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On the GlobalGiving platform, we fundraise for specific occasions so make sure to check out if there is anything specific you would like to get involved in.

Click on the Donate button to make a donation directly to one of our fundraising projects.

Food Donations

One of the most important donations for our animals is their food. The donation of fresh game and domestic livestock is greatly appreciated and very much needed. If you live in the Limpopo area and can help us, please call us on +27 72 905 3457

MySchool  MyVillage  MyPlanet

Are you a resident of South Africa, and want to make a donation just by shopping? Then read up about the MySchool card programme below!

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is one of South Africa's biggest fundraising programmes and allows you to make a difference, just by shopping. Every time you use your card at any of our partner stores they'll give back a percentage of your purchase value, on your behalf, to the school or charity you choose at absolutely no cost to you!

Get a MySchool card and list Cheetah Experience as your beneficiary. Every time you swipe your card at any of their partners, they’ll make a donation to Cheetah Experience on your behalf—at no extra cost to you.

Cheetah Experience is one of the few conservation facilities in Limpopo.


To receive your free MySchool card, fill out an application form:

  • online at My School,

  • by phone at 0860 100 445, or

  • at Cheetah Experience or any Woolworths store service desk.

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A Legacy of Conservation

Sarah gazed out at the cheetah cubs tumbling through the tall grass, their golden coats gleaming in the afternoon sun. Ever since she first volunteered at Cheetah Experience as a teenager, she had felt a deep connection with these majestic beasts and their plight in the wild. Now in her later years, she hoped to leave a lasting impact.


That evening, Sarah met with her lawyers to draft changes to her will. For many years she had supported Cheetah Experience financially, but now she wanted to do more. She allocated a portion of her vast farmland to the organisation, knowing the wide open spaces would be perfect for a cheetah sanctuary. Any profits from ongoing agricultural efforts on the land would also benefit the charity's conservation goals.

In the weeks that followed, Sarah told everyone of the gift she planned to leave behind. Her friends were touched by her commitment to safeguarding cheetahs for generations to come. While Sarah knew she wouldn't always be around to see the fruits of her labour, finding ways to help cheetahs even after death gave her life renewed purpose.


Sadly, Sarah's time soon came to an end. But through her bequest, her legacy was just beginning. Cheetah Experience used the proceeds from her land to establish a thriving reserve, where dozens of cheetahs could roam free and families could come learn about these amazing cats. Every time a litter of cubs was born or a cheetah was saved from threat of extinction, Sarah's memory lived on.

Though gone from this world, Sarah took comfort knowing a small part of her green acres had been transformed into a safe haven. And through it, her love for cheetahs could continue inspiring others for many years to come.

If you'd like to leave a bequest to Cheetah Experience, please get in touch in writing or by calling us on +27 72 905 3457

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