Meet our Caracals

Hi I’m Saturn!

I’m a female caracal, and my best friends are Mercury and Jupiter! I have a very laid back attitude, and am very sweet and calm. I love to play and chase toys around my home, and love going on enrichment walks! I had a eye defect at a young age, and had to have my left eye removed.


Caracals can jump up to 3.5 metres high (10 feet) from a sitting or standing position using our back legs which are longer and more muscular than our front legs. Caracals have a reddish colour fur which is how they got their name ‘Rooikat’ which means “red cat”.


Hi I’m Mercury!


I’m a female caracal, and my best friends are Saturn and Jupiter! I’m a very sweet caracal, and will come over love to greet volunteers that come to say hello! I love playing around with my friends Saturn and Mercury, and often hide in the long grass waiting to pounce on them!


Caracals will mostly hunt during the night and have the white under their eyes which helps them to absorb moonlight but we also have the black lines (like the cheetahs tear marks) which allows us to hunt during the day as well.


Hello I’m Jupiter!

I’m a male caracal, and my best friends are Mercury and Saturn! I had very fluffy cheeks when I was a kitten, and people often said I looked like a chipmunk! I’m very friendly and like to say hello to people, and will always chase around any enrichment toys that people bring for me!

Caracals have black ears with long thin hair on the tip of their ears which helps with filtering the noise from the grass while hunting. We also have around 20 muscles in our ears to assist with hearing while hunting.

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