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Meet our Leopards & Puma

Head of a leopard (Cheetah Experience)


Hello my names Shrek!

I’m a male spotted leopard, and my best friend is Fiona. Sometimes she is annoying and makes me really grumpy, but I really do love her!

I weigh around 65kg and used to be the largest leopard at Cheetah Experience. My son Pheonix now takes that title. I am so proud.


You can often see me resting in one of the highest logs in our enclosure, almost 8 metres off the ground.

Leopard at Cheetah Experience


Hi I’m Fiona!

I’m a female spotted leopard, and my best friend is Shrek. I’m a very playful leopard, and like catching my feet and playing with my tail when volunteers and educational tours walk past my home. I also like talking to Fushan the Siberian Tiger through our enclosure, and he loves talking to me too. Even though we are different species, we get along really well with each other.


Leopards are currently listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red list.



Hello my name's Aurora!

I’m a female spotted leopard, and my best friend is Nova, the black leopard! I love playing with Nova, and you’ll likely see us chasing each other around our home, and bouncing off the walls.


Leopards can also hunt from trees where their rosettes help them to blend in with the leaves until they spring down with a deadly pounce!  We have strong jaws and very strong muscles in our necks and we can take prey of up to three times our body weight up into a tree. We can easily carry a fully grown impala or warthog into a tree where we will return to it to feed for a few days.

Black leaopard


Hi I’m Nova!

I’m a female black leopard, and my best friend is Aurora! People say I’m one of the most mischievous leopards at Cheetah Experience, but I'm really sweet once you take the time to get to know me.


We are often called a Panther, but the term Panther is a general name given to any black cat of the Panthera species, typically Black leopards and Jaguars.

Black Leopards are exactly the same as the normal spotted leopard, with just a different coloured hair, much like people. The black colouration – Melanism, is caused by the inheritance of a recessive gene from both parents. Black leopards are not a different species, but a recessive gene the same as with the white lion.

Leopard at Cheetah Experience


Hey I'm Cosmo!

People usually call me Cos. I was born at Cheetah Experience in December 2016.  I can be very playful, but most of all, I am the sweetest leopard you’ve ever met. Every volunteer that sees me falls completely in love with me! 

Leopards are very solitary and prefer spending their time alone. They each have their own territory and the only time they cross territories is to mate. 

Shailoh (leopard at Cheetah Experience)


I'm Shailoh,

I haven't been at Cheetah Experience for very long, my friend Blaze and i only moved to our new home in September.

Things at our old home were not going so well and Cheetah Experience stepped into help give us a safe forever home.

The journey was scary, but now i love my new enclosures, especially the trees.

Wild cat


I'm Blaze!

I live with my best friend Shailoh the leopard. Of course i'm not a leopard though, i'm a puma, but some people call me a mountain lion or even a cougar. But i'd prefer you to just call me Blaze!

I have some special needs, my front legs tremble and my back legs sway and wobble. I am not sure why exactly but i did hear someone say that i could have had an injury as a cub, a deficiency or even maybe i was born special.

Pheonix (leopard at Cheetah Experience)


Hi I’m Pheonix!

I was born around the same time as Gemini and therefore we were raised together. We’re the best of friends! It might seem hard to believe but I am actually younger than Gemini, even though I’m almost twice as big. My parents are Shrek and Fiona and as my dad is really big, people always said I was going to be a big boy and now i weigh 70kg.

Gemini (black leopard at Cheetah Experience)


Hi I’m Gemini!

I am living with Pheonix and we are inseparable. I’m older than Pheonix but so much smaller than him but don’t let me fool you, I will be very playful sometimes as well.

I love my swing. Since i am the smallest leopard here i can luckily still fit! 

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