Meet our Rescue Animals

Hello I’m Buttercup!

I’m a pygmy goat that was brought to Cheetah Experience to live after I was rejected by my mum. I'm a very loving goat, and like to say hello to people that walk past my home, often with food still in my mouth! I really love to eat, and especially love it when people bring me nice fresh branches to chew!

Miss Paddy

Hello I’m Miss Paddy!

I’m a common duiker, and I was found in a nearby paddock by a local farmer. My mum had been chased by dogs, and I was all alone! But I was brought to Cheetah Experience, and it has been my home ever since! I’m quite shy, and don’t really like being patted. But I’m very sweet, and have a very wet nose!


Hello I’m Barnaby!

I was lucky enough to find my new home at Cheetah Experience by accident. As soon as the caretakers saw me they just had to bring me home to be a friend to Buttercup and Paddy! I’m a pygmy goat and still young, but can you believe that Buttercup was scared of me in the beginning! Now she is not scared and is instead teaching me to be a goat, i will try not to be as naughty as her though!

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