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Meet our Servals

Serval at Cheetah Experience


Hello I’m Lyra!

I’m a female serval, and my brother is Vega. I’m one of the most beautiful servals, and love coming over when people say hello! I’m also very playful, and love it when volunteers have enrichment activities for me.


Servals hunt both day and night. Because we are very shy animals and not active in populated areas during the daytime it is a common misconception that we are nocturnal. Because of that, the number of servals left in the wild is unknown.

Serval at Cheetah Experience


Hi I’m Vega!

 I’m a male serval, and my sister is Lyra. I’m the tallest serval at our project, and I love playing with my sister Lyra and especially love playing with water! You might find me splashing my feet in my water bowl, and also love enrichment activities.


Servals have both black tear marks, and white under the eyes, showing that we can hunt at either time of day.

Serval at Cheetah Experience


Hi I’m Jasper!

I get told regularly that i am a very special serval, join us on a guided educational tour to hear my story.


One of my favourite things to do is chasing bugs through the grass or playing with water.


Servals are excellent jumpers, and can jump up to 3.5 metres in the air and like to catch birds.

Serval at Cheetah Experience


Hi I’m Michael!

I’m a male serval, and sometimes a bit of a grumpy guy. I enjoy having time to myself, and you’ll often find me snoozing under the trees.


Servals prey mainly on game birds and small mammals and small antelope like the duiker. Possibly fish and vegetable matter are eaten as well. We also eat wild fruit, and have a tendency to raid poultry.

Serval at Cheetah Experience


Hi I'm Allegra!

I am a female serval.  I can be very acrobatic, and when volunteers throw food over the fence for dinner I like jumping up and catching it.


Servals have quite a high success rate when hunting, usually around 60%, because we tend to hunt smaller prey, and hunt much more frequently than a larger predator will. A serval has the largest ears of any cat in comparison to their body size.

Serval at Cheetah Experience


Hi I'm Cassidy!

I am a little serval girl, and i live with my friend Sasha the caracal.


Servals normally wouldn't live with a caracal, but because we were both born in captivity our caretakers thought we might like to be friends.

Serval at Cheetah Experience

Thor, Sara, & Peter Pan

Hi, we are the triplets!

Our names are Thor, Sara and Peter Pan. We are siblings and the very best of friends.

Some people find it hard to tell us apart, but once you get to know us a bit better you will find it nice and easy.

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