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Meet our Wolves

Dakota & Athena, our two German Shepard wolves

Dakota & Athena

Hello we are Dakota & Athena!
We were born in May 2019, and were brought to Cheetah Experience to join the existing wolf pack. Sadly Nikita and Shakira have now passed away, but we are grateful that we had time to know them and become part of their pack.


We are young and excitable, but our friend We love to swim in our swimming pool, and dig in the mud. We are great at making a mess!


Even though we look like German shepherd dogs, we are wolves! We love it when volunteers come and say hello, but are quite shy so like our privacy. One of the main goals of many volunteers is to be accepted into our wolf pack! Once you are accepted, you are a member for life and we will always remember you.

Timber wolves are indigenous to Canada. They were brought to South Africa to breed with German Shepherds, in order to create a police dog with a better sense of smell. We can also travel up to 50km per day in search of food. We also have 2 million olfactory cells in our noses, which makes our sense of smell 100 times better than that of a human. This allows us to smell up to 12km away.

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